Escape (2020) Animation
Single Man (2019) Live Film Cue
Blue Honey (2018) Animation
Falling In Love (2017) Short Film
Shakesepeare over Cardiff (2016) Advert

Dinah 2022
A short film by Gatton Films and directed by Guy Taylor. Dinah is preparing for her first ever fight as an amateur kick-boxer. As the fight approaches she attempts to re-connect with her father, however this brings back traumatic memories from the past. The score, at times, jarring electronic soundscape mirrors that of the struggle Dinah feels as she confronts her demons. Whilst energetic drum programming and vocals create an energetic determination for her character.

Men and Women of Tomorrow (2021)
Working alongside director Weronika Frycz, we produces a steadily pieced live collage, using black and white archived footage and dialogue, exploring innovative audio technologies such as binaural recordings to create a new, immersive audio experience for the listener.

SUSSURRUS (2020) WINNER of Indie Short Film Festival LA - Best Student Documentary
Directed by Weronika Frycz, SUSSURRUS (‘whispers, echoes of the past’) is a metaphysical journey to Eastern Europe borderlands seen through the eyes of a young woman. Pristine, ancient forests, pagan sculptures and dense, resonating sounds of forgotten villages echo the vanishing world of deep-rooted beliefs.

River Velino (2019)
A composition inspired from Debussian Orchestration, this piece has been downsized for String Quartet utilising four part harmony and rich melodic counterpoint to express the score's rich harmonic textures.

Richest Of Lands (2019)
A piece I first wrote back in 2016, 'Richest of Lands' has been orchestrated for a small ensemble making use of some beautiful brass and woodwind lines to emphasise these pastural sounds.

10X10X19 (2019)
A set of short compositions scored to short films written over the space of 10 days. A collaborative project with various different art schools across Europe.

List of Credits

Music and Sound for Film

Dinah: Short Film 2022 - London - Director Guy Taylor (Gatton Films)

  • Composer

Men and Women of Tomorrow : Short Film / Installation 2020 - Edinburgh - Director Weronika Frycz/Oliver Harris

  • Composer / Sound Design / Producer / Engineer

In Pursuit of Darkness: Documentary 2020 - Edinburgh - Director Harmony Bury and David Kramaric

  • Composer / Sound Design

Lace: Art Installation 2020 - Edinburgh - Director Aisling Ward

  • Composer / Field Recording

Susurrus: Documentary 2019 - Poland/Belarus - Director Weronika Frycz

  • Composer, Engineer, Mixer
  • WINNER of Indie Short Film Festival LA - Best Student Documentary 2020

Escape: Short Film / Animation 2020 - Berlin International Film Scoring competition

  • Composer

Aberdeen Awa' - Short Film / Spoken Word 2019 - Aberdeen - Scottish Screen Archive and Doric Poetry

  • Composer

Single Man: Live Film Cue 2019 - Italy - Recorded at Conservatorio di Rovigo

  • Composer / Orchestrator / Conductor

Blue Honey: Short Film / Animation - 2018 - Soundtrack Cologne Scoring competition

  • Composer

Falling In Love - Short Film 2017 - Godalming - Director Michael Van Koetsveld

  • Composer


Shakespeare over Cardiff 2016 - Cardiff University Advert

  • Composer


Men and Women of Tomorrow EP - 2020

  • Composer
  • Mixed for Binaural sound

6 Months in the Burgh EP - 2019

  • Composer
  • Recordings by Edinburgh String Quartet

Session work

Ilaria - Una Pagina Nuova EP - 2021

  • Session Musician: Trumpet (Difetti)

The Demented Poets - 2021

  • Session Musician: Trumpet (Going for a Walk)